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LIDSITTER - Pack of 3 Deal Lid Holder

$18.99 $74.97

Pack of 3 (limited quantity at this discounted price).

What the LidSitter can do for you:

  • Keep all in front of you, no more dangerous over-reaching, accidental burning by touching hot lids, turning or twisting while cooking.
  • Attach to lids
  • Sit lid/utensils on side of pot
  • Avoid spilling by allowing condensation to drain back into pot
  • Sit cookbook on counter top
  • Hold/sit tablet for your enjoyment
  • Keep essentials kitchen tools/lids right in front and within reach
  • Keep your kitchen better organized

 The utility is very light weighing just 100 grams and it can easily be hung anywhere in the kitchen. The product dimensions are 8.5’’ length, 4.5’’ width and 5’’ height and it comes in black, blue, red or yellow color. To sum it up, this simple design will help you organize better in the kitchen, prevent accidental burns, minimize dripping messes and reduce back strain.



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