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New Invention LIDSITTER - Stainless Steel Pan Pot Lid Utensils Holder

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What the LidSitter can do for you:

  • Keep all in front of you, no more dangerous over-reaching, accidental burning by touching hot lids, turning or twisting while cooking.
  • Attach to lids
  • Sit lid/utensils on side of pot
  • Avoid spilling by allowing condensation to drain back into pot
  • Sit cookbook on counter top
  • Hold/sit tablet for your enjoyment
  • Keep essentials kitchen tools/lids right in front and within reach
  • Keep your kitchen better organized

Imagine your kitchen in the middle of meal preparation, with food ready to prep, kitchen tools, spices, and pot lids covering every inch. Where is that bit of extra space to put the cutting board to slice the veggies or for the bowl to mix the condiments? The LidSitter is here to help organize your kitchen space. LidSitter's unique design allows you to place lids, ladles, spoons, and other kitchen utensils securely on pot rims when not in use and quickly and easily place them back on the pots when the lids are needed.

Home chefs spend an average of 40,000 to 50,000 hours of their life preparing foods and cooking. There are close to 1.5 billion families worldwide with hot pots and lids to coordinate. That’s a lot of lids and pots that people are juggling every day! We’ve estimated that 3 to 6 billion lids could find homes in LidSitters.  So take care of the home chefs and treat yourself or loved ones with the gift of LidSitters.

The LidSitter is a device that attaches to the side of your cooking pot and allows you to set the lid onto it when you're adding ingredients, or stirring. Placing the lid on the side of the pot allows you to easily take it on and off without having to reach too far, plus, all the condensation and splashing that attach to the bottom of the lid will drip right back into the pot rather than on your counter. The Lidsitter also works with your stirring spoons and ladles. So instead of resting your spoon on your counter and making a different stain on your counter every-time you set it down, you can just prop it up on the LidSitter and anything that drips off of it will go right back into the pot.

As a truly versatile and user-friendly accessory, the LidSitter offers a multitude of benefits. For instance, the annoyance of condensation dripping onto a stovetop or countertop will be a thing of the past. The LidSitter allows condensation to drip back into the pot, making for one less mess to clean up. Busy cooks will appreciate that the LidSitter keeps lids and utensils in close reach, which can help reduce back strain. Painful burns from touching hot lids have always been common in the kitchen. The LidSitter flips that script, too. 

The secure fit is combined with mobility so you can slide the holder around the pot rim while the holder is convenient to mount not only pot lids but also spoons and ladles.  In addition, it’s also a great thing to bring along when you’re cooking outdoors so you don’t have to put your utensils on the ground.

The LidSitter will also make your kitchen safer because it will lower the risk of accidental burns. This accessory is very user-friendly as the materials it’s made from will dissipate heat faster so it can be used on gas stoves as well. The utility is very light weighing just 100 grams and it can easily be hung anywhere in the kitchen. The product dimensions are 8.5’’ length, 4.5’’ width and 5’’ height and it comes in black, blue, red or yellow color. To sum it up, this simple design will help you organize better in the kitchen, prevent accidental burns, minimize dripping messes and reduce back strain.

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